Brave Graphics wants to help you in learning all that you need to know about the fundamentals of graphic designing, and we want to assure that you can get all the help you can get from us and from other relevant websites. This is also to say that our team is always open to other websites’ ideas about graphic design, and digital art in general. Here are some graphic design communities and websites which can be of use to your learning process:

Adobe Connect User Community;

This is a community where fellow users of Adobe applications can share their insights and ideas about digital art. They also introduced an application for all users that allows you to share what you are working on with the Adobe applications of your choice. Adobe is a popular company worldwide and their applications and programs are known of high quality and credibility.

CG Society;

It is a society where most artists under the gaming companies, like Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Square Enix, and some other renowned artists share their ideas about their works. Their said mission is to inspire, inform, and educate the graphic designers worldwide, and to make one big community for all of them. While the Adobe home page is of a minimalist design, this site can really awe its audience from first sight of its home page. The website contains updates, galleries, and tutorials on digital art.


The website started to work in 2001 and is directly connected to the Drawspace Publishing that started in 2009. This is a great website for beginners and professionals alike because of the variety of learning materials that can be downloaded from here. According to them, approximately 15% of the website’s content is free, while the others are kept on a low price so that everybody can afford their content. This goes to show that art is not for free—digital art is a passionate line of job that should be respected but should still be economic.


Blender is another global and committed community on disseminating web content regarding completely free 3D creation pipelines that is open to all interested digital artists in the world. The community is composed of various people with various day jobs and personalities, but are collaborating all for the sake of the aspiring digital artists’ learning experience. They are also open to other people joining their community, so you can also be part of the glorious cause.