Top Ten Graphic Designer Must-Haves

By Christopher Parker | November 29, 2016 | Default

An aspiring digital artist might not know where to start, and what he or she needs to be productive in the field. Here are our top ten must-haves for digital artists:


  1. Comfortable Workspace

It really depends on the person how he or she wants his workspace to look like and how it will be organized, as long as he or she is comfortable with working inside it. But for the safety of your body’s muscular and skeletal systems, it is best to invest on an appropriate working table and chair that should be based on your preferences and body structure to minimize the body hazards.

  1. High-end PC or Laptop

When it comes to graphic design, it is not enough to have a large-screened phone to edit your work. Sometimes, even an average laptop can lag too much and make the length of time working on a single project prolonged. It is always best to invest on a PC or laptop that have the recommended aspects for your graphic design software.

  1. A decent keyboard and mouse

Again, one of the most unnoticed problems of a graphic designer is the lack of quality on the smaller hardware they use, specifically the keyboard and the mouse. Investing on these two can enhance the working experience and can even hasten the completion of the project.

  1. Drawing Tablet

This is a tablet specifically for digital art, and is now a must for contemporary graphic artists. It could be used to improve your skills comfortably even outside your home, because drawing tablets can come in portable sizes and weights. Also, the drawing tablet can be connected to your PC or Laptop for transferring your digital art files.

  1. Quality Graphic Design Software

To be an efficient graphic designer, you must know the appropriate software you can use depending on your level and what type of digital you are going to create. Please read our article “Top Five Graphic Design Software” to know about the most efficient software for beginning digital artists.

  1. Time and Task Tracker

This is very important especially if you have a lot of work to do, or if you have a day job or studies to do. There are many available applications in the web, and they are usually easy to use. Some artists prefer the usual to-do lists and alarms, but it will always depend on the preference of the graphic designer.

  1. Sketchpad

Even though you are now working on a paperless field, you should not forget about practicing art and design manually with the traditional way of drawing and painting. Also, it would be very handy to have a sketchpad if you suddenly had a great idea for digital art but you are not near your PC or laptop. Putting the idea aside even for a few hours can affect your memory and creativity, so it would always be best to always carry a sketchpad with you.


  1. Time to Practice

Each digital artist wants to improve their artworks as quickly as possible, but some forget to give enough time on practicing their skills. It is not enough to read on the fundamentals, theories, and looking at sample artworks and video tutorials. You should also go open your graphic design software and do some practicing, hands-on and real-time. Practicing every day for an hour can get you improving on digital art in no time.

  1. Social media connections

It’s already 2016 and artists do not rely on word of mouth alone. After finishing your artwork, share it with your friends in social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Deviant Art, and Tumblr. It is also nice to find communities specific to digital art (like Deviant Art) so that you can receive constructive criticism from fellow artists.

  1. Good Ol’ Combo of Inspiration and Motivation

The average human cannot really act significantly in life without inspiration and motivation, even if he or she has those listed in the first nine. When it does not come to you naturally, you can try to find it in the simple things like food, coffee, making people smile, or even making yourself smile. Inspiration and motivation will always depend on you.