How I Started My T-shirt Design Project

By Christopher Parker | March 24, 2017 | Default

I was planning a new business venture in T-shirt designing when I moved into my new apartment in Denver. The space I got is spacious and actually a steal. The only problem is pests. I never expected it to have so many ants and bugs! I do not know where they were coming from.

The last straw came when I saw these ants colonizing the T-shirt stash that I plan to use for my T-shirt design project. I had this venture in my head for a long time, and I build my T-shirt stash little-by-little for it. Now, that stash is gone. It got lots of tiny ant bite holes. I could only scratch my head in desperation.

I called my landlord about the problem, and he said that they did not have any ant infestation in the apartment before. They advised me to look for a pest control company to check it. My friend Bud recommended a pest control company that he contracted before. I checked their website and set an appointment. To make the long story short, the pest control guys fixed the problem and told us that the ant’s former colony could have been damaged somewhere that was why they moved to my place.

Now that the pest problem is solved, I am left with another issue, and that is how to proceed with my T-shirt project. I already have the designs, and I think they are fresh and trendy It will be too late if I postpone my plan further.

I did some research and found ways to salvage my botched venture. I want to share it here to help other graphic artists who want to start their T-shirt business.


Find a good printing partner

I thought that doing things by myself, at least for the first part of testing my product, would be easier and more economical. It turns out that there are printers that can do the job using high-tech equipment and high-quality materials. I would have started my project earlier had I known that there are affordable printers like this.

Another advantage of hiring a printer is I can focus on designing projects and not think about the nitty-gritty parts of T-shirt printing.

Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer and target market will give you an insight on what they want and their buying behavior. I know, you have a distinct design style, but if the customer does not buy it, then you have a problem. It is best to meet the demand of the client and match it with your personal design taste.

Let your product be known

It is great that the internet is at our disposal and almost everyone has an online social media account. Try to reach your customers through social media and by joining T-shirt groups to introduce your product. There are also a lot of influential bloggers that you can tap to help get the work about your product out on the world wide web.

Keep the grit

As the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Starting a business is not easy. You have to put most of the effort when you are still beginning. Don’t let a mistake stop you. Keep your head up and find a way through.