Top Ten Graphic Designer Must-Haves

An aspiring digital artist might not know where to start, and what he or she needs to be productive in the field. Here are our top ten must-haves for digital artists:   Comfortable Workspace It really depends on the person how he or she wants his workspace to look like and how it will be […]

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Top Five Graphic Design Software

One of the main struggles of a budding digital artist is to find the best and most appropriate software he or she should use for his or her artwork. In line with that, we listed down the best five graphic design software for 2D graphic designing. Take note that 1 connotes entry-level while 5 means […]

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Graphic Design and Your Rig

Today is a very special day! I am currently forced to work on a four-year-old netbook, using graphics software meant for the rig I use for gaming. Why? You might ask. Well, during my holiday it appears as though that my housemate discovered that the house was pretty much infested with several kinds of pests, […]

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Graphic Designer’s Guide: Emergency Backup in Case of Electrical Failure

In this digital age, where most work is done using a computer, we are incredibly dependent on electricity. Luckily we live in a country that has a reliable electrical grid, which almost never fails, we can’t let that unprepared, though. During my time in South-east Asia, I experienced times when the supply of electricity wasn’t […]

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How I Started My T-shirt Design Project

I was planning a new business venture in T-shirt designing when I moved into my new apartment in Denver. The space I got is spacious and actually a steal. The only problem is pests. I never expected it to have so many ants and bugs! I do not know where they were coming from. The […]

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Types of Digital Artists

There are more ways than one to be a legitimate digital artist, and each type of profession is important to the graphic design industry. Always make sure to choose the profession that suits you best and you are comfortable with. Here are eight professions for a work-ready digital artist: Editorial Designer Being a graphic designer […]

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